Our country is facing challenges that will determine the future of its success. Strikes, poverty and hunger on a large scale, the continued threat of HIV/AIDS and an emerging youth growing up without a clear direction of the future. We are reminded of these challenges everyday in the media, in our board rooms and through the people we associate with in our daily lives. We are however given a choice, do we pass the buck and write them off as someone else’s problem, or do we do something about them?

NuNet has decided to take the latter stance in establishing the Institute for Rural and Community Development (IRCD)  as a vehicle that provides training and development support to rural and peri-urban communities.

The primary project focuses on the most critical areas that need to be addressed in our communities, both in the rural areas and in the outer cities – POVERTY AND FOOD SECURITY. This is done through the Garden of Life Micro farming programme.



The IRCD is a development organisation which provides mechanisms to improve the quality of life of rural and peri-urban communities throughout Africa, by the creation and implementation of integrated sustainable community initiatives that address the socio-economic needs designed for  each specific community.


The IRCD will be  able to achieve it’s vision through:

  • The identification of specific socio economic needs of the communities in which it is invited to operate.

  • The mobilisation of these communities to become  active participants in   a community based development strategy.                                        

  • The providing of integrated solutions for these communities needs including the establishment of community business  and management structures and the training of community members.

  • The mobilisation of social investment funds from local and  foreign sources  to fund the above actions and structures until they become self sustainable

  • Facilitate skills development and transfer thus ensuring  self employment & job creation

  • Utilizing appropriate technologies that provide environmentally  friendly solutions.

  • Providing administrative support, regular monitoring , evaluation and supplimentary training for projects to ensure their sustainability.


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